(This article was one of my early experiences with the commercial news media.  It was devised and written by non-subbers seeking to sell magazines.  Most people won't see what's wrong but to a longtime subber like me it looks like crap and I wish I'd never been named in it.  Lesson learned: always insist on final cut.)



Addressing points found in the article by Forbes Magazine writer David Armstrong, above:



1. Designing and building submarines is a technical skill; not a "mania." 


2. Building a submarine is not "cheap" in any way whatsoever.


3. My name is Pat but "David" wouldn't allow me to be called that here!  "Patrick."  Wow.


4. I don't get "breathless" when I talk about submarines; I had just run up a flight of stairs to catch Armstrong's single phone interview and was a little out of breath.


5. I was 40 years old when I launched the Nautilus Minisub; not 53.


6. I never said "It was terrifying." 


7. David's specs regarding what the submarine cost and how deep it's been are all wrong.



All that in only the first 1/3 of the article?  Sorry Dave!  If this was a writing assignment; you flunked!