David Armstrong disgorges the most inaccurate and highly sensationalized account about me ever published in a major magazine.  LOL!  For the record: I don't get "breathless" talking about submarines, Dave; I had just run up the stairs to answer your phone call.  I wasn't 53 when we launched the sub; I was 41.  And I never said it was "terrifying."  At no point during the testing of the Nautilus Minisub was I even remotely close to being terrified.  I'm an experienced pilot and technologist, confident in my work and my abilities; yet you color me as a rookie.  And there are additional errors but why beat a dead horse?  This article is a big wad of fluff written to amuse old farts who don't know squat about submarines.  In retro, had I known who instigated this article in the first place, I never would have participated in it.  But as things are, it stands as the reason why, from that point forward, I insisted on writing my own press releases.  Thanks for nothing, Dave.









(This article was one of my early experiences with the commercial news media.  It was devised and written by non-subbers seeking to sell magazines.  Most people won't see what's wrong but to a longtime subber like me it looks like crap and I wish I'd never been named in it.  Lesson learned: always insist on final cut.)



Addressing points found in the article by Forbes Magazine writer David Armstrong, above:



1. Designing and building submarines is a technical skill; not a "mania." 


2. Building a submarine is not "cheap" in any way whatsoever.


3. My name is Pat but "David" wouldn't allow me to be called that here!  "Patrick."  Wow.


4. I don't get "breathless" when I talk about submarines; I had just run up a flight of stairs to catch Armstrong's single phone interview and was a little out of breath.


5. I was 40 years old when I launched the Nautilus Minisub; not 53.


6. I never said "It was terrifying." 


7. David's specs regarding what the submarine cost and how deep it's been are all wrong.



All that in only the first 1/3 of the article?  Sorry Dave!  If this was a writing assignment; you flunked!