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Saturday, April 07, 2018



The writing was on the wall for a long time; ADDR.Com had five temporary lapses in service since 2001.  I always assumed it was for maintenance and the uploading was easy so I was tolerant when my user control panel became almost useless and the email stopped working awhile ago.  The website email was Yahoo! Talk about funky!  LOL!


Anyway, I'm with another server and everything is fine.  (I dodged a server who wanted to put ads on my pages; I'm pleased to say.)  The uploading format from my end remained unchanged and I like that because it works well.


Having to repost each page with the new server gave me a chance to review what's actually on VSC.  Lots of memories.  Many of the links are obsolete and some pages need updates or additions I've been meaning to make.  There's also a few pages I started and never published.  And lately I've thought of some new pages VSC should have, as well.


Then again, there's all our "real world" projects taking priority right now; I've got my work cut out for me in the shop and all the parts to get things finished.  For me, physical work on the projects and property are more important than cyberspace right now but I do plan to expand this website in the future. 


When those tech projects are finished, THEN we are gonna have something to write about.


Film at eleven…





Friday, April 06, 2018



Since 2001, our Website Host ADDR.COM has gone through three short interruptions of service; probably for maintenance and they always came back online.  But last month they went down for the count.  So, we have a new server now, the homepage is operational again, and I am in the process of uploading all the VSC files.  (We have a LOT of pages here so it will take a while but I'm working on it.)


The new server had templates I could have used to build a "professional looking" website, but I prefer to keep "The Original" original.  Same "old fashioned" look because we're Old School and old's cool.  J





Friday, March 02, 2018



Leaguers (waiting for Disney's promised 20,000 Leagues prequel) begin to suspect the awful truth.






Sunday, February 25, 2018



On this date in 2016, Disney announced they were scrapping their plans for a Leagues remake in favor of a prequel entitled Captain Nemo.  James Mangold was signed to Direct; Sebastian Gutierrez was to write the script; and a production schedule of three years was mentioned. 


Today marks the end of the second year; one more year to go.


The latest word this month: Captain Nemo is now in the "unlikely to appear anytime soon - - if ever" category.



The feedback I've received from Leaguers about this latest development is entirely negative; people are feeling they've been lied to and are not happy with Corporate Disney at all. 


But in my life I've seen most setbacks turn into blessings and Disney's lack of resolve with this movie might just give me the time I need to get my screenplay version of VULCANIUM produced and beat them to the punch with the best 20,000 Leagues prequel ever.


Time will tell.


Meanwhile, Leaguers, don't despair and by all means "Keep On Leaguin'."  J



Saturday, January 06, 2018



VSC began 2018 with a couple days of Internet unavailability due to necessary server maintenance.  Interestingly enough, the same thing happened ten years ago, too.  Hope they aren't making a habit of it.  J






Sunday, June 18, 2017



Some interesting information about Al Hansen, the Disney Divers, and the Lost Helmet on the VSF page.  Soon to be an addition to VSC.  Enjoy!  J






Sunday, April 02, 2017



My ongoing campaign to bring the long-deserved but largely neglected recognition due the Disney 20,000 Leagues Stunt Divers continues.  Today I posted a page about BRENDAN O'CONNOR, and at this time I am working on pages for others.  Insodoing, we are discovering more divers and stuntmen who participated in Leagues but are not recognized by Disney or the IMDB.  Does the name Charlie McNabb ring a bell?  Probably not.  But thanks to Disney Diver Ricou "The Creature" Browning, it soon will.  Meanwhile, please enjoy our latest efforts. 


RED 1.png


Disney 20,000 Leagues Stunt Diver BRENDAN O'CONNOR in the white T-shirt.




Friday, March 31, 2017


I really want to thank RICOU BROWNING for all the help he gave in making this page documenting his career as the Creature, as a Disney Stunt Diver, and beyond.  An amazing life story.  Check it out! J



"The Nautilus Crew Diver from the Black Lagoon."





Monday, March 20, 2017



We recently added 2800 cubic feet of storage space to the shop in the form of a 40-foot HiBoy shipping container.  This comes in handy now that we have stepped up activity on our projects; like restoring this screen-used jetski from Kevin Costner's movie, WATERWORLD. 





Last week I began working with RICOU BROWNING, better known as the Creature from the Black Lagoon.  We're building a page to honor him as one of the Disney Stunt Divers who performed the underwater scenes for 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  Hope to have that published soon.






Director JAMES MANGOLD recently finished his latest movie LOGAN and by all accounts it's a smash success.  People are saying it's the best of the X-MEN series; the best WOLVERINE; and a real heart trabber at the end.  They say he gave the characters credibility as people audiences can relate to.  I like that because Mangold is signed to Direct CAPTAIN NEMO next and I believe that same human interest quality will be vital to the success of Disney's forthcoming 20,000 LEAGUES prequel, CAPTAIN NEMO. 






FLASH!  Recent word (3 days) out of Hollywood is that James Mangold has entered into talks with Fox to Direct a police drama entitled THE FORCE in the foreseeable future.  What this might mean to CAPTAIN NEMO I don't know; but like all Leaguers I'm hoping it won't delay Disney's much-anticipated prequel. 




That's all for now; more when we know.  J




Sunday, January 08, 2017



Looks like, when I was working on this page, I accidentally deleted everything below my Birthday wish for Bill Stropahl.  Notifications of all the pages we made and notices we posted at IMDB for people like Bill Stropahl, Len Mott, and Dave Rochlen: GONE!  Notices and observations about Disney's forthcoming 20,000 Leagues prequel: GONE!  Tidbits of humor and wit: GONE!  Fortunately, I've mirrored most of that on Facebook so it's not entirely lost.  Maybe one of these days I'll get around to rebuilding that stuff.  But for now, it's all about morning coffee and deciding what to do next in the real world.  Cyberspace can wait!  J


Meanwhile, we've been able to determine with certainty that the Long Lost Leagues Helmet we restored in 2008 is the same hat worn by Al Hansen when he got freight trained with a camera housing by Navy Commander Hooper in the Bahamas, February 1954.   We've been able to identify at least eight details seen in the screen footage that match this helmet and none that conflict.  I'd have to call that a positive ID.  I'll be doing an addition to the Restored Helmet page as soon as I find time.



Scene from Walt Disney's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  ©1954, "All Rights Reserved."


2017?  So far, so good.  Hope yours is proceeding nicely, as well.  KEEP ON LEAGUIN'.  J




Saturday, December 31, 2016




Thursday, December 29, 2016



A little early but it looks like I'll be busy so I wanted to make sure this got posted. Have a Happy New Year! Make 2017 what you want it to be.

MEME 2017 HNY 3.jpg



Tuesday, December 06, 2016



In three more days (December 09) veteran actor KIRK DOUGLAS celebrates his 100th Birthday and we couldn't be more pleased.  Kirk acted in 91 movies during his career but my favorite (of course) was his portrayal of Ned Land in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  Terms like "legendary" and "living legend" get tossed around so much these days they have lost meaning.  But Kirk Douglas is one to whom those terms actually apply.  We stand in awe and respect to salute your accomplishments, sir.  Happy Birthday to you and many happy returns of the day.  Thanks for all you have given us.  J


KIRK 100.jpe





Monday, November 07, 2016


Just got off the phone with Bill; he is doing well, working on his landscaping and enjoying life. I wished him a slightly belated (couldn't reach him by phone last week) Happy 87th Birthday and many happy returns of the day. 

Bill asked about my efforts to market my VULCANIA spec scripts to Disney for their 20,000 Leagues prequel. I let him know we're still trying and hoping for the best. He also said he recently read Disney is looking to do "bigger things" in the future. Wouldn't it be cool if they decided to build a full-sized functional Nautilus submarine?

As we spoke, Bill mentioned an old photograph of him and the 2-dimensional Nautlus prop that was made for the movie but not seen onscreen.  I have that pic in my collection.  I thought I had posted it on Bill's page at VSC but now I see I put it on my first Disney Diver tribute page.  So I just now sent him a copy of it by email and will now post it again here.  Enjoy!  



Bill Stropahl and Nautilus prop on the island of New Providence in the Bahamas, January, 1954.


Tuesday, November 01, 2016


Disney Stunt Diver Bill Stropahl celebrates his 87th birthday this month and we couldn't be happier!  Bill is one of only two survivors who portrayed Captain Nemo's crew in the underwater scenes for 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  The picture of him on the cover of the February 22 issue of LIFE Magazine is what first caught my eye and sparked my interest in Leagues back in 1954 and I am proud to call him my friend.  Happy Birthday, Bill.  And many happy returns of the day.  You're the real thing and we love you, brother.  J