This Website is for fans of underwater technologies in general, and Walt Disney’s 1954 movie version of Jules Verne’s 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA in particular.  If you’re interested in either or both, you’ve come to the right place.


I am your Webmaster, Pat Regan.  VULCANIA SUBMARINE is my R&D facility located (where else?) on a remote volcanic island in the Pacific.  Some call it Hawaii, but to us it’s Vulcania.  Here I design, build, and dive unique underwater technologies like the NAUTILUS MINISUB (World’s first real submarine of Disney Nautilus configuration in any scale) and functional replicas of the Disney 20,000 Leagues diving apparatus.


As a boy in 1954, Leagues sparked my lifelong interest in the sea.  I converted a surplus gas mask for skin-diving use in 1956; began dedicated research and founded the first Vulcania Submarine shop in California, 1976 - 1979; launched the Nautilus Minisub in 1991; and moved Vulcania Submarine to Hawaii in 1993.  I first disclosed my works online in Europe in 1994; was gifted pages on two European sites in 1997 and 1998 and two pages on USA-based websites in 1998 & 1999; all of which was instrumental in generating a new wave of Leagues-interest among homebuilt submarine, scale model, Jules Verne, Sci-Fi movie, vintage SCUBA, and Disney Nautilus enthusiasts worldwide.  I founded this VSC website in 2001 and have continued to the present day.


Here, you'll find information about the projects of VULCANIA SUBMARINE, Homebuilt Submersibles, SCUBA and Hardhat Diving, Disney’s 20,000 Leagues, Disney NAUTILUS models, Leagues-related Disney theme parks, and more. 


Our HOME Page is an Index divided into categories and titles to simplify your search: just scroll down and click on the hyperlinks.


We’re always building something new, and adding to this website.  And as of 2020, we've begun a "new and improved" phase of operations and the future looks bright for Leagues fans the World over.


We hope you’ll enjoy your visit here, and that you’ll return soon and often to see what’s new in our part of the ocean.LIS IN MOBILI”