Here are links to video clips, AVIís, and MPGís you can download and enjoy FOR FREE!!!It may take a while for the program to respond and begin downloading, so click the link and give it time.




This is a 3 minute, 40 second MPEG that starts with some of the old NAUTILUS MINISUB proving test clips from 1991.The video quality of those is better than the old AVI below.About half way through it gets into some underwater footage of our Captain Nemo and Nautilus Crew Diver suits being operated underwater here in Hawaii.Enjoy!








This is a 1 minute, 7 second AVI film clip of excerpts from the NAUTILUS MINISUB proving tests in Benicia, California, back in 1991.Itís been set to music, so adjust your PC speakers accordingly.This was our first experiment with AVI clips using a now-obsolete editing format; suffice it to say the visual quality is pretty pixilated, but at least you can get an idea of what was going on back then.The music is CD quality, however.We hope youíll enjoy seeing the NAUTILUS in operation.








The 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Voyage was a very popular attraction which closed in 1994, much to the disappointment of those who enjoyed it.Now, thanks to Rob LeDrew, you can take the trip again via his video made back in 1992.It runs about 15 minutes, and requires a media player.Hyperlink to Robís page, where you can download the show.Many thanks, Rob!







NEMOíS REVENGE is an online flash game by NICK CROCCO that you can play on your computer.That mean olí giant squid has stolen the NAUTILUS power supply (a giant pearl) and stashed it away in an underwater cave.You are Captain Nemo, and itís up to you to recover the power supply.In full diving gear, youíll trod the ocean floor, meeting and (hopefully) defeating an array of dangerous denizens of the deep while en route to accomplish your mission.Use your right arrow key to walk Nemo through the gauntlet; and use your mouse and clicker button to target and fire at hostile targets in your path.(You can right-click to open a tile and click PLAY to jump to different scenes, too.)If you make it, you recover the pearl and save the day.Fail, and you end up as lunch!Good fun!Try it!