Below are the URL’s of websites related to subjects found here at VulcaniaSubmarine.Com.  If you have a site you'd like to have listed here, send us your information.  All we ask is that you reciprocate by giving us a link on your site.  If you know of a Link Topic that might be represented here but isn't, please let us know.  Some of these links are inoperative because the website has been discontinued, the company is no longer in business, or the person involved has passed away.  In either case, they are retained here for history's sake or in remembrance of the dead.






Garmt de Vries’ Jules Verne Website :  This is the link to the page Garmt donated to our NAUTILUS MINISUB.  Access the main page of his website via the JULES VERNE section, below.



SUBCOMMITTEE  One of the earlier pages about the NAUTILUS MINISUB.



MEMBRANA People are talking about the NAUTILUS MINISUB in Russia! It's all Cyrillic to me, but Ochen Kurashaw nonetheless.  Proving test video on Youtube.  Pics and comments at Caps Get Peeled.  Pics and comments at Ponchorama.  Page one of DIVING HERITAGE article.  Page two of DIVING HERITAGE article.






Garmt de Vries’ Jules Verne Website :  Garmt Devries also donated this page to our NEMOSUIT and NAUTILUS DIVER projects.   Access the main page of his website via the JULES VERNE section, below.



HYB DIVING : This link takes you to the page Captain John donated to our NEMOSUIT.  Access his main page via the DIVING AND UNDERWATER TECHNOLOGIES section, below.



VINTAGE SCUBA  :  This link takes you to the page where Dan Barringer hosts  pictures of our projects.  Access the VINTAGE SCUBA website via the link in the DIVING AND UNDERWATER TECHNOLOGIES section, below.  Pics and reference to NEMOSUIT at Technovelgy website.






Chris Chulamanis’ 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA  Known as “Chulie” to his friends, Chris is a long-time hardhat diver, subber, and proprietor of EVA MODELS in Colorado: the original maker of those great white-on-blue NAUTILUS prints we know so well, and much more.  Many years ago, Chris made a highly-detailed model of the NAUTILUS that is really worth seeing; and there is much more on this website you’ll find interesting.  Definitely go there.



Dave Shuff’s 20,000 LEAGUES: THE RIDE  Dave has a website dedicated to the departed 20,000 Leagues Ride at Walt Disney World, Florida.  Now, you might think that’s not something that would deserve an entire website; and in fact when he first put the site up, Dave himself even said something like that.  But the fact is he’s built the best website on this subject, and there is so much there you will be amazed.  This is one you don’t want to miss.  But try not to get so hung up on playing with that groovy “liquid image” Leagues poster he has on his homepage that you forget to explore the rest of the site!  J  A website featuring pictures of the 20,000 Leagues Ride area being dismantled.



Andrew Probert’s PROBERT DESIGNS: Andy did the cover art for the 1984 CINEFANTASTIQUE Magazine that carried Frasier and Hathorne’s article on 20,000 Leagues.  He’s also done illustrations for STAR TREK and much more.  Some nice Leagues-oriented prints for sale here, too.



Steve Johnson’s 50’S SCI FI MEMORIES  A website every vintage Sci Fan should visit: CGI NAUTILUS Images and much more!



DISNEY 20,000 LEAGUES DIVING HELMETS:  A page in the Virtual Diving Helmet Collection of Iain MacQuarrie’s DIVING HERITAGE Website, dedicated to the original Disney diving helmets, and Vulcania Submarine’s functional replicas.






Garmt de Vries’ Jules Verne Collection  :  Garmt’s website is dedicated to the life and works of Jules Verne.  You’ll find a wealth of information and interesting items there, including a lot of things most of us never knew.  Great stuff, and a definite must-see.




MICHAEL AND KAREN CRISAFULLI  If you are interested in the Jules Verne version of the NAUTILUS, this is the place to see.  Mike and Karen have put together a first rate website with beautiful imagery and in-depth information about this subject that truly has no rival on the Internet.  Flat-out the best Verne NAUTILUS website on the Web.  If you haven’t already seen this, you owe it to yourself.



ANDREW NASH  Home of the Jules Verne Society in Canada.  An extensive site showcasing Verne’s life and works, with many interesting photo sections including one about various NAUTILUS replicas.



20,000 leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne (Read the book online.)  Self-explanatory: This is where you can read the book onine. 





Chris Chulamanis   This page on Chulie’s website is dedicated to his NAUTILUS model: an excellent replica that first surfaced way back in 1982.  (Note: Chris passed away; this website is no longer active; I keep this Link listing in memory of.)




CUSTOM REPLICAS  Jim Key’s website showcases his many outstanding works, including NAUTILUS replicas.  Jim is a master modeler, and Custom Replicas was behind some of the best NAUTILUS replicas ever put in the hands of the consumer.  Many other subjects to see on this site, too.  If you want to consign a reliable, skilled, professional modeler to build something especially for you, I recommend Jim Key.   Custom Replicas is a class act all the way.


Subcommittee  Dedicated to scale model submarines, particularly of the R/C variety.  Lots of information and pics here; plus a discussion group where modelers can ask questions and get answers on their craft.  Join their group, connect with sub modelers in your area, attend sub runs, receive their magazine, etc.  Arguably, this is Mecca for the R/C submarine folks.



Bob Martin  Bob’s home page showcases his work: from R/C and static submarine models of various types including the Disney NAUTILUS; to his driveable replica Lamborghini Countach automobile.  A very energetic and prolific scale modeler.  Last I heard he was active in managing the SUBCOMMITTEE website, too.  Definitely check out his site.



BJORN'S WEBSITE   Bjorn Lundberg is a SCUBA diver and a great fan of the Disney NAUTILUS. He's been a participant on website discussion groups for as long as I’ve been surfing the ‘Net, and his website has great pictures and information about his NAUTILUS (and other) model projects.



Monsters In Motion A huge resource for those interested in buying Sci Fi scale models and more.  Looking for the unusual?  Look here.





Karl Stanley  Internet base for Stanley Submersibles and the Roatan institute of Deepsea Exploration.  Pics and info about Karl’s subs CBUG and IDABEL in operation; contact information for those wanting to visit Roatan and make a dive in those subs. 



Tom “Doc” Rowe’s BIONIC DOLPHIN  Internet base for the VASH, BIONIC DOLPHIN, and TARCO research.  This is the most reliable source of information about Doc’s unique and amazing line of hi-perf submersibles. 



Ping Hansen’s HOMEBUILT SUBMERSIBLES WEBRING  A venerable website about homebuilt subs…one of the first….doesn’t seem to be operational right now, but we’ll leave the link here in case that changes.



Jon Shawl’s YEL-O-SUB  Doesn’t seem to be much activity there for quite a while now, but we’ll continue carrying the link in case that changes.  If nothing else, worth visiting from a historical standpoint.



Jon’s MINISUB LINKS  The links page from Jon Shawl’s website: has some good links of interest to homebuilt subbers.





AQUALA  Of course, Ty Alley’s AQUALA SPORTS MANUFACTURING COMPANY of Schreveport, Louisiana, has to be mentioned here.  AQUALA is one of the premier drysuit manufacturer in the United States, and was the parent company making the suits seen in Disney’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  Ty made the drysuit for my NEMOSUIT and NAUTILUS DIVER.  AQUALA manufacturers an extensive line of dive suits for SCUBA and hardhat diving applications, ranging from vintage recreations to suits designed for modern commercial divers.   Custom work, too.  Ty’s shop offers full service for repairing and maintaining not only AQUALA suits, but any other suit you might be diving, as well.  Definitely the place to go for all your drysuit diving needs.


DIVE COM  Is Sean Kelly’s shop in the UK, specializing in personalized clothing and equipment for the SCUBA diver.  Check it out! 


MORSE DIVING  In business since 1837, the venerable MORSE DIVING COMPANY of Boston, Massachusetts, is one of the best-known names in diving, period.  The divers in Disneys 20,000 Leagues wore MORSE diving boots, and when we built our NEMOSUIT and NAUTILUS DIVER, that’s where we went for our footwear, too.  Ken Downey and the great folks at MORSE are there for you; the quality is legendary, and the service is both professionally fast and homestyle friendly.  This is the place to go for all your hardhat diving needs.



NAUTILUS DIVE CENTER When in East Hawaii, Bill DeRooy is the man to see.  The NAUTILUS DIVE CENTER in Hilo has been in operation since 1982, and there is nobody here with more experience serving the Windward Big Island SCUBA diving community than Bill.   



ARMY DIVERS:   This site belongs to my buddy, Chris Chulamanis, and documents his experiences as a U. S. Army Diver during the Viet Nam War.  Many people don’t know the Army had it’s own divers.  This site has a lot of interesting pics and information about a side of life not many people know about, and only a few have experienced.  A must see if you’re a diver, a veteran, or just interested in that sort of thing.  (Note: Chris passed away; this website is no longer active; I keep this Link listing in memory of.)



Leon Lyons Leon is recognized the World over as one of the leading authorities on diving helmets; his landmark reference text HELMETS OF THE DEEP is considered “the Bible” on the subject; and the Lyons Maritime Museum in St. Augustine Florida represents one of the most impressive collections of hard hats and related equipment on the planet. Now, up and running as of May 2008, Leon’s website features an online walkthrough of the Museum; updates and order information for the new reprint of HOTD; contact information for those wishing to visit the museum in person; a great Links section, and more!  A must see for those interested in deep sea diving equipment.  



NUYTCO  Phil Nuytten’s website, and Internet home to many of the most unique and amazing underwater technologies ever seen.  Words don’t suffice.  Just go there.  J



JIM BOYD  Internet home base for the NEDEG group: has grown into several pages over the years, all accessible from this site.  Lots for the hardhat diving enthusiast to see here.



Iain MacQuarrie’s DIVING HERITAGE  Originally started by Burt and Karin Dodde, and saved from extinction by Iaian MacQuarrie when Burt and Karin opted to retire from the Internet; DIVING HERITAGE has a long-standing and well-deserved reputation as the most comprehensive Internet resource on the subject of commercial diving equipment past and present.  A must see for those interested in deep sea diving.



Captain John’s HYB  A venerable Internet resource for the Helmet Diving Community.  Many features of interest for deep sea diving activists and enthusiasts.



Dan Barringer’s VINTAGE SCUBA  Located in Oregon, Dan’s VINTAGE SCUBA is a great resource for those looking for information, parts, and service on their vintage SCUBA equipment.  There’s also a large Community section on this website, with photos from contributors, and a discussion group.



International Venture Craft SPORTSUB  Home of the very popular and successful SPORTSUB line of submersibles, located in Canada.  Contact Ron Leonard for all things related to the SPORTSUB.



Brass Hat Diver  Accessible through Captain John’s HYB site, these pages have great pics and info about vintage hardhat gear in operation.



HARBOR BRANCH OCEANOGRAPHIC INSTITUTE   HBOI is one of the best-known establishments in the underwater research community. You've seen their subs in countless documentaries, now check out their website.



INCREDIBLE ADVENTURES   For subbers: lots here about Graham Hawkes and the DEEP FLIGHT subs.



JETBOOTS Diver Propulsion System  In my opinion, this is one of the best DPV ideas to ever come down the pike. JETBOOTS are small thrustors that strap onto the divers lower legs, so he can maneuver through the water naturally and with his hands free. There's a neat little video of these in operation you can download at the site. Check this out!



Historical Diving Society USA   Auspicious group dedicated to preserving the history of underwater technologies.



MARINE WAYPOINTS MarineWaypoints.Com is a great place to look for information about all forms of small submersibles. Manufacturers, website links, and more.



SIMON LAKE WEBSITE  Jeff Lake is the great, great grandson of submarine pioneer Simon Lake, and continues the family heritage through a website dedicated to the achievements of his ancestor. Historically significant pictures and information.



NAUTILUS SYSTEMS   Information about yacht based submersibles, hyperbaric chambers, etc.



SEAMAGINE Hydrospace Corporation  Manufacturers of interesting acrylic sphere submersibles.



SST   Submersible Systems Technology built the submersible Lotus car seen in that James Bond movie, the Reef Ranger line of wetsubs, and a lot more.








The Steampunk Forum  A UK-based forum dedicated to Steampunk: a Sci-Fi genre based upon Victorian technologies.  Lots of Vernian and other amazing creations and works of art to be seen there.






20,000 Leagues Under the Sea CLASSICS ILLUSTRATED
Leaguers: Remember the old Classics Illustrated comic book version of Leagues?   It's online, page for page.

 AIP: Air Independent Propulsion by Edward C. Whitman
For subbers: article discusses the history and development of AIP, from the hydrogen-peroxide fueled Walter boats of the 1930's, to modern times.



ALLSTAR Plastics Industries
For the NAUTILUS modelers: want to simulate rivets? This company produces hemispherical acrylic beads called "cabochons" in various sizes and large volumes.



Assembling an Oxygen Analyzer
For divers and subbers interested in life support systems: shows how to make your own O2 analyzing device.



Atlas Metals
For the craftsman: aluminum ingots, silicon bronze, copper sheet and coil, etc.



Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
Quite a bit of information and lots of links about ROV's and the like.



BAKER Tankhead Products
For subbers: Texas-based company produces tank caps in various sizes and shapes: a necessary pressure hull component that's sometimes hard to find.



This links to a page on Phil Broad's website: has large files for downloading the Disney NAUTILUS plans in a size you can actually work with. All of you who have been asking "Where can I get the plans?" Here they are! Free. Thanks Phil!



BOB: The Breathing and Observation Bubble
For divers and subbers: sort of your basic underwater Vespa. Neat!



Plans for the mechanically inclined. Some for subbers and divers: SCUBA tow, sub, video housing, etc. These plans are sold elsewhere for lots more. Best prices on the internet.



Dihydrogen Monoxide Scrubber
For the divers and subbers and those interested in life support systems: an informative page about a CO2 scrubber material that solves moisture problems found with other chemical agents. Worth a look.



Diving Equipment & Marketing Association
DEMA is an organization that represents equipment manufacturers and puts on amazing demonstrations and shows. Their website has information of interest to divers.



For the subber: manufacturer of the PMG series of E-motors.



ETEK Electric Motors
Briggs and Stratton's new small-sized and very powerful E-motor has possibilities for general submersibles.



ETEK Electric Outboard Motor Project
For subbers, divers, boaters: this page is about a project where one of Briggs& Stratton's new, small, powerful ETEK motors was adapted to an outboard motor driveline. Interesting and informative if you're considering using this kind of motor in a sub; shows possibilities.



For the subber or divers interested in rebreathers.



Free CAD PROGRAM Download
Rhinoceros Evaluation. An easy to use Computer Assisted Design program available as a free download on a trial basis. Good way to get some experience if you've never tried CAD before and would like to learn, Fun, too.



Tools and equipment, underwater cameras, and more. Excellent online resource for the craftsman.



HYDROPORTS Acrylic Submersible Vehicles
For the subber: manufacturer of submersibles based on clear acrylic spheres.



Written in the 70's for the U. S. Navy, MANNED SUBMERSIBLES is considered THE comprehensive work on the civilian submarine experience. Here's the entire book available online. Every subber should be acquainted with Busby.



McMaster Carr
Huge online source of hardware, tools, machinery, etc.



This engineering directory has a long list of companies that manufacture brushless DC electric motors.



For the diver and subber; lots of underwater gear and info.



NOVA History of Submarines
Pretty thorough overview of the technological genesis of submersibles.



O. C. LUGO Company
Manufacturer of SOFNOLIME Carbon Dioxide Absorbant, and more, for the diver and subber.



UK based company that produces submarine viewports, among other things.



Dave Cooper's SubmarineMovies.Com is dedicated to all kinds of sub flicks, but also has a lot dealing with 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. A great place for information about submarine movies.



SUBSEA Underwater Connectors
Subbers: solve those through-hull wiring problems with these connectors professionally made for use at great depths.



For subbers interested in the topic of extreme high speed underwater vehicles: this website broaches the relatively new science of SUPERCAVITATION which looks like the wave of the future for high performance subs.



San Diego Plastics
Source of information and materials for those interested in Acrylic Plastics.



Smooth-On Rubber Molds
For the craftsman: source of rubber mold making and casting supplies.



Specialty Resource Company
For subbers, ROV builders, divers: ACRYLIC DOMES ranging in size from a few inches to 8-foot diameter. Also Acrylic Spheres.



Studies On Submarine Control by J. V. Tolliver
For subbers wanting to learn the dynamics of submarine control. Pretty technical.



TAP Plastics
For just about everybody: source of plastics, fiberglass, etc.



For subbers, divers wanting to build DPVs, etc. MINN KOTA and MOTORGUIDE submersible electric propulsion units, parts, service, information.



U-BOAT NET, Helmut Walter
This site deals with the works of Dr. Helmut Walter who experimented with very pure hydrogen peroxide (perhydrol) as a submarine fuel during the 1930's. This is obviously for the subbers, and I've included it here because people are constantly asking me about the merits of this kind of system in a small sub. The answer is NO! DON'T USE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE in your sub! The stuff is critically unstable and will explode if you look at it wrong. NOT A GOOD IDEA!



United Rubber Supply Co.
For divers and subbers: New York company is a source of rubber materials.