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Whatever happened to the Homebuilt Submarine Video you were making a few years ago?


Originally, our plan was to make and market this video direct to the consumer.Then, sites like Napster and Youtube made such ventures economically impractical.We still have plans involving video, and when weíre ready to make public disclosures about that, youíll see them on our CHALKBOARD page.


Is it true you are writing a book explaining how people can build their own submarines?


Similar conditions as those causing a change of plan regarding our video now also apply to our How To Manual.Itís been written for several years: complete, concise, informative, and entirely based on the experience of long-time subbers.But weíre not going to publish it through VSC.We do have other plans for our manuscripts; and again, when the time is right, youíll read about it on our CHALKBOARD page.


Would you ever consider selling your NAUTILUS MINISUB or 20,000 LEAGUES DIVING SUITS?


Maybe.The Musee Du Scaphandres in Espalion, France, has expressed an interest in obtaining them.They might go to a private collection, depending on the circumstances.But thatís not going to be for a while.Thereís a lot I still want to do with them first.


Will you be making either fiberglass or metal replicas of the Disney diving helmets for sale to the public?


I build one-of-a-kind works of art for personal use.I do have functional and display helmet projects presently underway for that purpose; a very limited number of my originals have been acquired by museums and private collectors; and I do consider purchase offers on my existing works or individual consignments.But Iím not into mass production, or commercializing on Disneyís designs.


Iím planning a to remake the movie 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.Would it be possible to use your submarine or diving suits?


No.I get asked that question on the average of about three times a year.Iím amazed at how many people say they want to remake that movie.But unless Disney wants to do a remake, the answer is no.Now, If you want to do some kind of news release about my projects with underwater technologies, Iíll consider working with you on it.But using my NAUTILUS MINISUB or 20,000 LEAGUES DIVING SUITS in a remake of LEAGUES would probably infringe on Disneyís proprietary rights, and I wonít do that.


Would you consider building a submarine for me?


Sorry but no, not at this time.


Why do you call your site VULCANIA SUBMARINE?


I have operated my R&D facility under that name for many years; was the first to publish that name internationally on the WWWeb; and though there are other sites using similar names, Iím the only one who produces what the name describes: submarines.††


Vulcania was the name of Captain Nemoís secret island base.I use the name VULCANIA SUBMARINE because, like Captain Nemo:(1) I built the only real NAUTILUS submarine in the World; (2) I built the Worldís first (and still the only) functional replicas of the 20,000 LEAGUES diving gear; and (3) my home base is located on a remote volcanic island in the Pacific.


Is your submarine facility really located on a volcanic island in the Pacific?


Yes, we are really located on a volcanic island in the Pacific.Some call it Hawaii; but in keeping with the theme of our site, to us itís Vulcania.J


Why do you call yourself Captain Nemo?


I donít, really.Thatís a nickname others applied to me long ago because of my NAUTILUS submarine.Iíve gone along with it as far as using it in email names and other references associated with my work, but only in furtherance of the Vulcania theme.Iíve tended to downplay that in recent years; and anyway, it was just for grins.


Iím really not the ďmad scientist-typeĒ at all.I am a happily-married family man with a ďreal jobĒ, and I also work in my own shop building underwater technologies.Iíve been a Leaguer since December of 1954, but Iím not affected by it.I donít decorate my home to look like the NAUTILUS, have any desire to prance around in a sailor suit or red smoking jacket, or anything like that.Iím Pat Regan, not Captain Nemo; and I know it.J



Are there any Website Discussion Groups you participate regularly on?


No.And I donít hang out in bars trying to reason with drunks, either.


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