Here’s what’s planned for VulcaniaSubmarine.Com



Most of our pages will receive updates and additions.  We have a large library of relevant material we will be posting from time to time.  And, our new projects will continue to be placed on public display in pages of their own.


However, contributions are always appreciated, and contributors will be credited for their submissions.  While not everything might meet our criteria or be suitable for our audience, your participation is still encouraged here.  In doubt: ask.  I will consider all publication requests.


Also: If you see any corrections or improvements we might make, please feel free to suggest them to the Webmaster.


Departments with individual pages (Like NAUTILUS MODELS and FEATURED SUBMARINES) will continue to receive additional pages honoring accomplished craftsmen.  (Nominations are hereby solicited.)


And new Departments will be added as they occur to the Webmaster. 


For additional news about recent or proposed changes to VULCANIA SUBMARINE, please refer to our CHALKBOARD Page.