Guy’s incredible 30-inch brass-clad NAUTILUS would be amazing even if it wasn’t his first attempt.






Check it out.  This is Guy Takiguchi’s first try at making a NAUTILUS replica, and it’s far from ordinary.









Here’s an in-process shot of the model under construction.  The plans were supplied by Chris Chulamanis of EVA MODELS (see our LINKS page), as were the raker teeth.  Guy handcrafted the rest of the sub from acrylic plastic, and then bonded brass plating to the plastic, giving it a cover that is very authentic to the original Disney 11-footer.  To the right of this picture you can see the device Guy used to punch all those little simulated rivets into the brass sheeting; a process very similar to what Disney used.







A look inside the bow of the sub shows the Water Tight Compartment housing the electronics.







Another look inside: this time it’s the tailcone where we see the prop shaft, control links, and such.







Here’s the sub with the top half on, but not plated.  You can see the strips of plastic making up the hull.







Wheelhouse detail of the completed model.  Guy’s not a professional model maker, but that only makes this model that much more impressive, and it’s part of the reason why I really like it.  Truly a superb job.







On a mantle,  something like this could hold your attention for a long time.   The extensive detailing of the NAUTILUS is always interesting; but to see it done it gleaming brass makes this model pure eye-candy.







The skiff area.  Look at all those embossed (not glued on) rivet heads!







Mister Squid tryin’ to hitch a ride.







The finished model with the top removed to show the interior components.  Absolutely gorgeous, and functional too.  If this is his first effort, imagine what Guy Takiguchi might do with a little practice!  ;-)


(Images courtesy of Guy Takiguchi; plans courtesy of Chris Chulamanis)