A brief look at one of the nicest NAUTILUS models around.





Jim Key and Scott Brodeen produced this highly detailed 66-inch NAUTILUS replica.






At the recent 20,000 LEAGUES EXPO in Anaheim (July Ď03) Jim is seen tending to the display of an unfinished 66-inch NAUTILUS.Very impressive!







A little ďcanned humorĒ here.(Sorry!)







Hereís a better look at Jimís display at the EXPO.To the left is an in-process mockup of the salon interior being made to complement the 66-incher.







Inside the salon interior, we get a basic idea of how itís going to look.Canít wait to see this one finished!








And what would a NAUTILUS with interiors be without someone to inhabit it?Jim is making scale figures of the cast to go along with his model.Here we see early versions of Arronax and Nemo.







You can contact Jim Key via the information shown above, and through our LINKS page as well.


(Photos courtesy of Jim Key and Wayne Orlicki.)